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Roaming: how much are calls and Internet abroad

Going abroad, we always want to stay in touch with loved ones. And in this we will be helped by roaming – a service of providing communication and Internet outside your country of residence, but by your number.

To begin with, I want to note that there are several options that you can use abroad. Roaming is one of them. In addition, you can buy a card of a local operator, but this is not always profitable.

To take advantage of the most favorable conditions, you need to look at the mobile operators in the country where you are going and study their tariffs. It is recommended that those who go abroad to study, work or a long rest do so.

roaming abroad

If you plan to stay abroad for several days, then there are two options:

Use hotel Wi-Fi.
Order a roaming service.
In Ukraine, roaming packages are offered by all mobile operators: Lifecell, Kyivstar and Vodafone. The easiest way is to use the roaming of the operator whose services you use in everyday life.

General information about roaming calls
Do not forget that in roaming not only outgoing, but also incoming calls can be charged. In addition, some operators can withdraw money not only for minutes of conversation, but also for the connection itself.

Payment per minute of conversation depends on the tariff of the operator and the country where you are going. Therefore, it is better to immediately look at the operator’s website how much the connection costs in a particular country, choose a package of services and put in the account the necessary amount of money.

enable roaming

What you need to know about the Internet in roaming
Internet abroad may end faster than you expected. Therefore, control your actions on the network. After each use of the Internet, turn it off. Do not download movies, music and books. Better do it all at home.

If your hands are very itchy to download something voluminous, then use free Wi-Fi. You can usually find it at the hotel reception or at local cafes. Previously, free Wi-Fi was even in hotel rooms in resort towns. But now such a service is almost nowhere to be found: for the Internet in the room you need to pay a very unprofitable amount, and free communication is only in the hotel lobby.

Where there is always free Wi-Fi:

Burger King.
Apple Store
In places where the Wi-Fi icon is hung.
In the phone settings, you can turn off the display of images and read only mobile versions of sites. Mobile versions eat up less traffic. But pictures are not needed everywhere. Of course, if you want to appreciate the nearest cafe, you will need images. But, on news sites, mail, or purely working services, the lack of images will often not interfere with viewing.

What to do with high roaming rates

Download all the necessary applications before traveling. If you go on a trip with your children, it’s worth downloading a few games. Abroad downloading applications is an expensive pleasure. Of course, if you do not use free Wi-Fi.

And turn off auto-update applications. It can also be an unpleasant surprise. Or you can configure auto-update only via Wi-Fi.

Some operators offer instant messengers, the cost of communication through which is lower. You can download one of them. So you can save on calls or the Internet.

Operator plans
Nowadays there are a lot of tariff plans. You can choose what you need: more calls, SMS or mobile Internet. Roaming prices will depend on the country and the number of services you want to order.

roaming internet is gone


This operator offers more than 5 tariff plans in roaming. Among his “chips” – the ability to create your own tariff. Just choose the country and the number of minutes you need, megabytes and SMS.

The second plus of the operator is its own BiP messenger. If you download this application, you can call from abroad at the price of regular calls in Ukraine.

For example, your house tariff plan provides unlimited free calls to lifecell numbers. If you downloaded BiP and went abroad, you can call lifecell in roaming without additional charges and restrictions. For this, the application has a BiP Out function.

The roaming package of the operator begins to operate abroad automatically. No need to connect and configure anything. But if the Internet does not work for you, then check if the access point (APN): internet is specified in the settings.

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