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Festivals and fairs in Europe in the fall

If you want to go to Europe in the fall, then you should definitely look at local festivals. There you will find traditional cuisine, exotic dishes, as well as plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday and bright emotions.

The idea of ​​visiting local festivals is very useful for those who want to visit a certain country not the first. So you can open it from the other side and enjoy the unforgettable spirit of the holiday.

Why visit European festivals and fairs
Reasons not to count on the fingers. Emotions are the first and probably the most important goal of a visit. If you choose a festival in accordance with your tastes, then you will remember what not only until the next trip, but all your life.
In addition, you will have a unique opportunity:

Try the cuisine of the country in its best traditions.
Rate folk costumes and jewelry.
Listen to folk music.
You can also meet local people. This can be an interesting experience both personally for yourself and for work. At fairs you can buy many different goodies that will pamper your stomach and become good souvenirs.

At festivals you will find people in spirit who listen to the same music. You can get an autograph of your favorite musician, enjoy his performance “live” or just dance from the heart.

At some events, they organize unusual excursions to uncharted places of the city or show performances of local theaters. This will help to get acquainted with the city and its culture from the inside.

Where the brightest events will take place
In fact, hundreds of festivals and fairs take place monthly in different cities of Europe. But I want to highlight the most striking events.

To begin with about the cult festival Oktoberfest, which today is widely heard:

From September 14 to October 7, you can drink beer at the Zentralen Festplatz, in Berlin.
From September 21 to October 7, festivities will take place in Alexander Platz, Berlin.
From September 22 to October 7, 2018, it will be held in Munich.
On October 10-14, wine lovers will gather in Paris, France. The festival will be held in Montmartre.
girls with glasses of beer on their heads

As for other events, here are the biggest wine festivals:

September 6-9 – Buda Castle, Budapest, Hungary. Here they will collect wine from all over the country.
September 7 – 11 and 14 – 17 – Wurstmarkt of Durkheim. This is the largest wine festival in the world. Held in the Palatinate. The festival is already about 550 years old!
September 6 – 9 in the center of Greve in Chianti, Italy will host the Chianti Classico fest.
Food Festivals
This fall you can visit:

September 7 – 9 will be the Food Festival. This is the largest food festival in Denmark. And it passes in the harbor of Aarhus. It is considered to be the largest fest of this format in Northern Europe.

September 8 – 9 will be held On Blackheath. It is held in the steep open space of London. It is a combination of a huge fair of food and music for the mood.

September 15-16, Meet the Food and Drink Fest in Liverpool, UK. There is beer and juicy vegetable stew and grilled meat. And in addition: dancing, games and even a Ferris wheel.

BOCCACCESCA will be held on October 5-7. This is a celebration of food and wine, and it will be held in Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy.

October 26 – 28 in Conwy, Wales, UK is expected a medieval festival of food, drinks and a robot craftsmen fair.

The festival for vegetarians will be held on October 27-28. And if you think this is boring, then take a look here! Vegfest is hosted at Olympia West & Central and the Olympia Convention Center in London.

From November 17, fairs in Austrian Vienna and German Hamburg begin. They last until the end of December. Often, all fairs close before Catholic Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25th.

beautiful austrian vienna

We close the list of music festivals. There are a lot of them and they are all for different colors and tastes. But they all have one thing in common – a unique atmosphere. Where can I plunge into the music with my head?

Music festivals
September 8 – 9 will be held LOLLAPALOOZA in Berlin, Germany.
On September 12-16, Merkat de Musica Viva de Vic (MMVV) is expected in Vic, Spain.
The largest club festival Amsterdam Dance Event will be held in the Netherlands on October 17-21.
On November 1-3, PITCHFORK, an indie and alternative music festival, will open its doors. Will be held in Paris, France.
January 26 – February 2, 2019 Snowattack will be held. DJs and ski enthusiasts will gather in the French Alps, namely Les Orres.
In addition, in 2018, a grand event in the United States will be repeated again. On October 6-14, in Albuquerque, hundreds of huge balloons will simultaneously fly into the sky. You can observe this from the side, or you can ride in a balloon and yourself.

Albuquerque hundreds of huge balloons

And on October 31, Mexican Mexico will host the Day of the Dead. This is a huge carnival, which many decorate in the Mexican death of Santa Muerte. All this action is much brighter than normal Halloween.

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