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Travels that improve brain function and productivity
Like the whole body, our brain is able to get tired. There are many options to enhance its performance. I will talk about one of the most enjoyable - travels…

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Travels that improve brain function and productivity

Like the whole body, our brain is able to get tired. There are many options to enhance its performance. I will talk about one of the most enjoyable – travels that improve brain function.

How to strengthen the brain
It is worth starting with the fact that our brain works better during and after outdoor activities and exercise. Hormones are released that improve memory and speed up thought processes.

To strengthen the brain, you must always work on your body. But these should not be activities that are exhausting. Enough to sign up for yoga or in the pool. Cycling, badminton or tennis will also have beneficial effects on brain function.

Of course, for better brain function, you need to eat right. Eat more dairy products and nuts. Also have a good effect on brain function:

dark bitter chocolate;
vitamins to improve mogza

It has already been proven that travel has a positive effect on brain function. They make him rest and engage in a new energy.

For several decades, the state of Massachusetts conducted a large-scale study of residents of the town of Framingham. It is called the “Framingham Heart Study” or the Framingham Heart Study.

It was attended by people of different ages and genders. As a result, it became known that women aged 45 to 64 who traveled 2 times a year are significantly less at risk of heart attack or coronary death than women who rested once every six years or less.

A similar picture was with men. Those who took vacation less than once a year were at a 30% greater risk of myocardial infarction than those who rested regularly.

But not only this study confirms the benefits of travel. Everyone can experience the advantages of traveling not for themselves. The main thing is to choose a tour that will bring you really maximum pleasure.

Earlier, I wrote about how to get the most out of travel, as well as how to fly in comfort. And today I’ll tell you which trip you should go to improve brain function.

which improves brain function

Which travels improve brain function
To begin with, it is worth noting that recharging the brain does not have to fly to the ends of the world. You can find the necessary inspiration even in the vicinity of the city or within the country.

Walking in the fresh air is one of the most affordable options for improving brain function. During them, the brain is saturated with oxygen. Because of this, the concentration of attention improves, the body feels rested and alert, and the brain better absorbs information and works more actively.

Discover the unexplored corners of your country. You may never have thought, but we have many beautiful places, and to see them, you just need to take the train, train or your car. Such trips will take a little time, but distract you from daily thoughts and painful experiences.

What can be found domestically?
Beautiful estates of famous landowners.
The remains of defense fortresses and castles.
Ancient cathedrals.
Parks, arboretums and national reserves.
Go with tents to the mountains or to the shore of the lake. Staying away from home, the brain actively absorbs new information and pictures. During this, he forgets about current problems and just relaxes.

tents against a beautiful night sky

Everything new inspires and fills you with positive emotions. When you are in a pleasant and calm environment for several days, you get a brain reboot. And upon arrival home you will realize that having rested even for several days, you have received a lot of energy.

If possible, of course, go abroad as often as possible. New emotions will improve your brain. His work is beneficially influenced by trips to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. During outdoor activities, the brain is cleansed and filled with new ideas and plans.

If you go to the sea, then select at least a day or two for active entertainment. Go on an excursion or a water park. Even from passive rest, you need to be able to get diversity and adrenaline. All this, in the end, will positively affect the functioning of your brain.

But in passive rest there are also advantages. You can think about the current state of affairs in a quiet and peaceful environment. Perhaps a new idea will come to you, or maybe you even decide to change something upon arrival home.

The main thing in travels is a change of scenery and new emotions. It is these two factors that contribute to better brain function. After all, you probably noticed yourself that after a vacation, working is much simpler and easier.

It really is. During the rest, you can get enough sleep, not worry about work and enjoy free time. And if at the same time you all went on a trip, positive emotions will saturate you and make your brain work more productive.

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