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Mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids
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How to combine travel and work: professions for travelers

You work – there is no time to travel, you do not work – there is nothing to travel. There is a sadder option: you work, and you have no time to travel, and there’s nothing … money is barely enough for a modest life, but you really want to scratch your wombat’s belly, mark the Fjord Day with the Vikings and taste the mysterious durian.

It seems to be an enchanted circle from which there is no salvation? Not at all! To see foreign beauties it is not necessary to be the heir to the oil magnate or turn into a parasite. And it’s not necessary to be a business travel genius like Artemy Lebedev or Ilya Varlamov. There are a thousand and one examples of how people combine wanderings and earnings. You just need to change the angle a little.

I’d go to travelers – let me teach you
Need specific examples for inspiration? I have them:

Andrey Burenok is the founder of TripMyDream, an online travel service and travel blogger on YouTube, who spends more than 200 days a year traveling.
Vitaliy Zakharov is a freelance web design freelancer who travels year-round.
Lilya Khisamutdinova is a copywriter, working remotely moving from one country to another.
Alesander Menshikov is a psychologist, a YouTube blogger on the topics of spiritual psychology, and a host of seminars and broadcasts. Holds monthly meetings and seminars in different countries.
Mikhail Poddubnov is an athlete, climber, combines travel and work abroad, organizing original tours.
Evgenia Pomyleva – manager at the online school of interior design, leads a telegram channel about her travels. It travels around the world for more than 5 months a year.
Andriyanov Yaroslav – web master, mountain guide, photographer. Traveling all year.
Mila Demenkova – travel blogger, photographer, copywriter, often visits different countries.
Olga Zakharova is a graphic designer. Together with her husband, they practice haussitting (look after someone else’s house and animals) abroad.
Katerina Egorova is the founder of a travel project alone, a travel blogger. In the hometown it happens less often than in foreign countries.
Vitaliy Spivachuk is a lifestyle entrepreneur and business consultant, YouTube blogger. For a year in the hometown it happens less than half a year.
The list can be replenished for a long time. All these people are of different ages, nationalities and specialties, but one thing they have in common is a passion for travel, which successfully combines with their favorite work. Everyone came to this way of living and earning differently. Someone previously untwisted their own business or intensively pumped their career muscles, and then went to wander, remotely combining the overview of attractions with work processes. Someone had to quit, give up everything and embark on a dream adventure, and receive income thanks to this adventure itself – moonlighting as a photographer, journalist, guide, guide, consultant, and so on.

He who wants, he finds opportunities, who does not want – seeks reasons
Among the office staff of a major Ukrainian holding, a number of travel-related surveys were conducted. About 36% of the participants replied that in the last year they had not left Ukraine, 44% had visited no more than 3 foreign countries in a year. Moreover, of those 36% who did not go abroad: for a year 13% of respondents never left their hometown, almost 50% went no more than 3 times. Among the answers why they are chosen so little were from “once / no money / no opportunity” to “I’m afraid” and “I don’t want / I’m not interested.”

And this is a survey among healthy people with a decent level of pay! Which once again proves: often borders and barriers are what we have in mind. And we turn ourselves into prisoners of our own illusions. We want to go the world to see, to show ourselves, but we find a million “buts” why there are still no bags. Some of these anchors are really objective, although they can be crossed (a matter of priorities), and most of them are from ignorance, uncertainty, indecision, or other complexes.

Freelance, deletion or part-time jobs
So how do people from these 36% and their ilk embark on the path of one of those lucky ones whose names are mentioned above?

Those who are anchored in one place will say: “I have little vacation”, “I can’t leave things to chance”, “I live from paycheck to paycheck”, “I have to spend a lot on treatment and help to my relatives”, “I save up a dream ”,“ I’m afraid to change something, and suddenly it will only get worse ”…

And those who were able to raise anchors and set off on wanderings will say: “Just take it and do it!”, “Get up and go”, “If work interferes with travel, you need to change work”, “If everything is so bad, then what are you hold on? “,” Stop cowardly – it’s time to act! “…

I sincerely admit that the state of both sides is close and clear to me: those who are afraid and those who have made up their minds. And between these two states there can be one step, or maybe many steps, steps, trips, jumps, ups, downs and new ups – it depends on temperament and circumstances.

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