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Cheaper for nothing: 6 countries with the lowest mortgages

While you doom sighingly, counting down the next mortgage payment for your apartment and counting how much money has already been overpaid to the bank, in other countries they are trying to attract borrowers by any means and even lower rates to a historic low. The most attractive mortgage options for overseas property – in the material
“It’s impossible!” – More recently, skeptics exclaimed, discussing a new program of the country’s largest mortgage lenders, offering to lower the rate to a historic minimum or even pay interest instead of borrowers, but this happened. So, for example, recently a local bank decided to offer real estate in a mortgage for 20 years at 0%, and the other – a negative rate for those who are willing to pay off a mortgage within 10 years, Bloomberg reports. Earlier, another Danish largest lender, Realkredit Danmark, announced that it was ready to issue a mortgage for as long as 30 years and at only 0.5%. In other words, this is a great opportunity for home buyers to purchase property on very attractive terms. And although experts predict a small one. but still the rise in housing prices, the situation as a whole is very favorable for buying.


Local banks are trying to maintain an affordable mortgage policy, offering those wishing to purchase a housing program for 10 years with a fixed rate from 0.53% to 0.65%. All this led to the fact that housing prices in large cities increased by about 1.3%, and in the suburbs – by 0.2%. Despite a slight increase, real estate buyers in the Land of the Rising Sun are becoming more and more every year.


In this country, mortgage programs have also reached their minimum, which allows stimulating the purchase of housing and acquiring truly worthy options. So, for example, those who are ready to pay off the mortgage within 10 years are offered an interest rate from 0.5% to 1%, the Interhyp portal reports. At the same time, local residents themselves are in no hurry to acquire the cherished meters – according to the latest data, only 46% of them are homeowners, while on average in Europe this figure reaches 69%. On the other hand, this country is a good option for those who want to invest in real estate.


Trying to lure customers with cheap deals, local banks offer mortgage programs at an average of 1.4%. This is quite good, given that the competitive ability of this industry is very high, so it is likely that interest rates will be revised again. In the meantime, all lovers of French chic and connoisseurs of gastronomic masterpieces can buy real estate in a mortgage at a very attractive price.


Despite the fact that life in this country is very expensive, mortgage programs remain quite attractive. So, for example, after foreign investors drew attention to this area, private houses jumped in price, restoring the real estate market and excluding the appearance of another “bubble”. And now you can try to buy housing with a floating rate of 1.13% or, if it is possible to pay off the mortgage in the next three years, at a fixed rate of 1.9% (with a slight increase in the second and third year).

Hong Kong

This is another area that may please with inexpensive mortgage programs. Despite the fact that the political crisis makes buyers think several times before deciding to purchase real estate, local banks are ready to provide a fixed rate of 2.48% to those who dare, the Bloomberg news agency reported. In any case, this provides an opportunity for maneuvers and those who wish can not only invest in real estate, but also acquire their own housing, which they have long dreamed of.

How about us?

Mortgage in Russia remains one of the most discussed topics to date. Against the background of falling solvency of the population and the introduction of a new financial scheme through escrow accounts, when the developer will not be able to receive money until he passes the object (changes to FZ-214 under the DDU), the rate from leading banks was about 10.5% at the beginning of 2019. Analysts predict a decrease in demand among Russians for the purchase of housing and, accordingly, a decrease in the volume of mortgages.

At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation was thinking about introducing a preferential mortgage rate of 3% for rural residents and a possible reduction in the interest rate to 0.1% for buyers in those regions where the authorities are ready to support the co-financing program. They want to implement this project as early as January 1, 2020, TASS reports citing Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut, so those who wish can be patient and wait for it to work.

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