Vietnam Travel Information
As the hero of one film about Vietnam said: “You will understand much in Vietnam in five minutes, but there’s not enough life for the rest” Welcome to the world…

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3 main sights of Vladimir
Vladimir is one of the most ancient cities of the Russian Federation. The city is located on the Klyazma River. For the first time it is mentioned in chronicles dating…

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Mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids
The culture of Egypt is perhaps one of the most fascinating pages in the history of mankind. It is not for nothing that Russian tourists fell in love with Egypt…

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What to see in Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city. The Mediterranean Sea, mild climate and beautiful architecture in the Gothic style make it one of the most tourist attractive European cities. There are a lot of attractions here, so if you are planning a vacation, we recommend that you make a list in advance of what to see in Barcelona. We offer a selection of 10 places that definitely deserve attention.

Montjuic Hill
In the southern part of the city there is a hill with a height of 173 m. You can go upstairs on foot or by funicular. In addition to the observation platforms, from where the panorama of Barcelona opens, there are many walking trails to interesting places: the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, the fortress of Montjuic, the Spanish village, the botanical garden. At the foot of the hill in the evenings an incredible show of magic fountains takes place.

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia is the visiting card of the city, what to look at in Barcelona is the first thing. The construction of the temple began in 1882, and continues to this day. Its architect, Antonio Gaudi, constantly changed and supplemented the project plans, which affected the speed of construction of the structure. Now, the followers of the great Gaudi are trying to translate his ideas into reality. The project is expected to be fully completed by 2026.

Gothic Quarter
This quarter has been the spiritual and secular center of the city for 2,000 years. Here, there are dilapidated buildings erected during the time of the Roman Empire. Walking along the narrow cobbled streets, you can feel the atmosphere of past centuries, and look at interesting places in Barcelona.

Park Guell
Unusual surreal park – another creation of Antonio Gaudi. The park attracts with its unusual landscape and architectural elements in the corporate identity of its creator. There are many winding staircases, artificial grottoes and viaducts. All this is decorated with colorful tiles. And from the terrace in the center of the park, a panorama of the city opens.

Park Ciutadella
Ciutadella is a cozy oasis in the center of a bustling city. If you are tired of long walks and do not know what to visit in Barcelona to just relax, go here. The park, with an area of ​​30 hectares, has a lot of greenery, flower beds, interesting buildings. Tourists can rent a boat and swim in the small lake. In addition, Barna Zoo is located in Ciutadella.

Camp Nou Stadium
The stadium was built in 1957 by the architect Francesco Mithans. And for more than 60 years, it has attracted football fans from all over the world, because members of the legendary Barcelona club train and play at Camp Nou.

Barceloneta Beach
If you plan to visit Spain from May to October, be sure to include the oldest and at the same time the most popular beach of the metropolis in your list of “the best places to relax in Barcelona”. The sand on the coast is golden, the water is clear, and the entrance to the sea is gentle. On the beach there are volleyball and indoor soccer courts, cafes and bars.

Picasso Museum
Pablo Picasso moved to Barcelona as a teenager. Here he attended an art school, and later opened his first workshop in the Gothic Quarter. The capital of Catalonia remained an important place for Picasso throughout his life. Today, the museum features more than 3,500 works by the artist.

CosmoCaixa Museum
If you are wondering what is interesting in Barcelona besides natural and architectural sights, we recommend visiting the CosmoCaixa Science Museum. There are three permanent exhibits here: tourists stroll through the Amazon rainforests, learn about the key events that have affected the evolution of our planet and watch how stony and volcanic rocks originated. The museum also has a planetarium and an interactive playground for children.

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