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Holidays in Egypt for the New Year

Egypt even in winter attracts travelers. By choosing the right resort, you can plunge into the sea, sunbathe, explore the rich underwater world of the Red Sea. History connoisseurs will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the most ancient sights that appeared even before our era. In addition, a beach holiday for the New Year in Egypt will be remembered for a special festive atmosphere.

How to organize the perfect holiday in the country of the pyramids?
However, before you buy a tour to Egypt for the winter holidays, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the advice of hoteliers and the features of resorts so that your New Year holidays will be as comfortable and bright as possible.

Pay attention to the climate
If you want to temporarily forget about the snow and cold, pay attention to the most popular resorts for winter holidays. These include Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab and Marsa Alam. However, the reviews about the holidays in Egypt for the New Year, left by tourists, allow us to conclude that the most optimal choice is Charm. There are many calm bays, so travelers can sunbathe and swim calmly. The water temperature at the resort at the end of December is + 22-24 ° C, and air temperature – up to + 25-27 ° C. However, at night it gets cool – around + 15-17 ° C, so do not forget to take warm clothes. In Hurghada, the temperature of the air and sea is a couple of degrees lower. In addition, the region is quite windy.

If you decide to relax in Sharm El Sheikh, pay attention to the hotels located in the bays of Naama Bay, Sharm El Maya, Ras Um El Sid and Sharks Bay. They are considered the most favorable for winter recreation, as they are reliably protected from the winds.

Pick a good hotel
If during the day you can spend time on the beach, then in the evening, when it is cool enough, it is easy to find entertainment to your liking at the hotel. It is only important to approach his choice correctly. For example, pay attention to the presence in the resort of heated pools, a spa complex, water slides and an entertainment program. If you are planning a vacation with children, it is important that there is a mini club and playgrounds, and good animators are able to diversify their vacations with interesting contests and vivid shows. You can also explore the underwater world of the Red Sea, most hotels have a diving center where staff will instruct and provide equipment for scuba diving.

Check the cost of a gala dinner at the hotel
When wondering how much New Year’s Eve vacation in Egypt costs, tourists need to know that most of the hotels on December 31 arrange a festive dinner for their guests. Often it is not included in the price of the ticket, but it is mandatory to be paid separately. You can find out the exact price from the travel agency manager.

New Year’s dinner is distinguished by a variety of dishes and festive decoration of the hall. An entertainment show program or disco is also held.

Did you find a burning package for New Year’s Eve? Do not hesitate to buy!
Prices for holidays in Egypt for the New Year are even higher than during the peak tourist season – in April or October. However, even in this period you can save money – sometimes hot tours appear. If you have found an inexpensive option for a winter vacation, do not hesitate for a long time, since such vouchers are very popular.

On the traditions of the celebration of the New Year in Egypt
Since the time of the Pharaohs, the Egyptians have been celebrating the New Year in September, when the Nile overflows. This event marks the beginning of a new annual cycle. Even Christmas on January 7, which is considered a national holiday in the country, takes place without mass celebrations. However, tourists are guaranteed a New Year’s mood. Artificial spruce trees are installed in hotels and shopping centers, and shop windows are decorated with bright garlands. On the beaches and central streets you can meet Santa Claus, however, here he is called Papa Noel.

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