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How to prepare for the trip?

The organization of holidays sometimes brings no less pleasure than the rest itself. And if you study in advance the general rules of preparation for the trip, pack your suitcase and complete work, days in anticipation of a long-awaited trip will fly by even faster.

Make a travel plan
Whatever vacation you are planning – beach, sightseeing, active, it is important to study information about the destination in advance. View the weather forecast for vacation dates, check the calendar of events and festivals, read about the proposed leisure options. Download offline maps and mark the attractions you want to visit.

With the introduction of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and EU countries, car trips have become very popular. In this case, the preparation of the car for the trip should include a technical inspection, the purchase of tools and spare parts in case of force majeure, the design of a “green card”.

Gathering things: what should you take with you to the sea?
If you fly to a popular tourist resort, you don’t have to worry about forgetting flip flops or a swimsuit – they can be purchased on site. The main thing to put in a bag:

Documents, as well as their copies.
Money – although almost everywhere you can pay with a card, a little cash in local currency will come in handy, for example, for tips. It is best to change money at the bank, directly at the resort.
Medicines – painkillers, antipyretic and antihistamines, enterosorbents.
Personal hygiene products.
When planning an excursion visit, be prepared for the walking route. Bring comfortable running shoes, covered clothing and mosquito spray with you. Make a list of things that you need to take, and collect your suitcase, follow it. Do not forget to leave a place for gifts and souvenirs.

Preparing for a trip to the sea in an exotic country also includes visiting a doctor and getting vaccinated.

Think over every “trifle”
Experienced travelers know that sometimes it’s the details that initially seem completely insignificant, determine how the vacation goes. In order to avoid unpleasant force majeure, preparation for the trip should begin in a travel agency. If you plan an active vacation: trekking in the highlands, surfing, parasailing and other extreme sports, ask the manager to buy you extended insurance. This is also true for families with children. This decision will allow you to feel completely safe and not worry about possible unforeseen expenses.

Another “trifle” that many tourists forget about is the Internet. In most hotels, free Wi-Fi is available only in the lobby, and if you are used to always being “online”, you will need a roaming connection. Find out from your mobile operator what are the best deals. Alternatively, you can buy a local SIM card and use the Internet from a local provider.

Complete all the important things.
Warn colleagues that you are going on vacation and may not always be able to respond to messages in time. Almost all email hosting companies offer to place a notification that will be displayed every time someone wants to write you an email. Close all projects or agree on new dates. Resting with a sense of “accomplished duty” is always more pleasant.

And finally
It’s not enough to know how to prepare for the trip, the general impression of the trip largely depends on the well-being in the first days of your stay in a new country. Do not rush to immediately see all the sights. To make acclimatization easier, try to get enough sleep upon arrival, spend a moderate amount of time on the beach, and drink plenty of water. Also, do not abuse exotic dishes and alcohol.

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