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What to see in Berlin?

Berlin is an urban metropolis where historical sights coexist with modern architecture. Here, typical Germanism of pedantry is surprisingly combined with an atmosphere of lightness and ease, which is why the German capital is often called the city of freedom.

A list of what to see interesting in Berlin can be listed for a very long time, but we tried to highlight the 10 most interesting places.

Berlin Wall
During the Cold War, Germany was divided into two parts – East and West. To mark the borders along the entire capital built the Berlin Wall. And in the fall of 2019, the Germans celebrated the 30th anniversary of its fall, when Germany again became a single state. In some areas of the city, parts of the wall were saved and turned into a kind of installation.

Most tourists include the East Side Gallery on their list of “things to see for sure in Berlin”, which showcases works by contemporary artists performed directly on the building sites.

Brandenburg Gate
This is a huge structure in the form of columns decorated with a horse harness. Brandenburg Gate – the hallmark of the city, a symbol of a united Germany. If you arrived in Berlin on New Year’s Eve, be sure to visit Paris Square, where the gates are located. It organizes mass celebrations, concerts and entertainment for tourists. In addition, this point is the starting point for many excursions.

The Reichstag is another recognizable symbol of Berlin. This is where the most important decisions for Germany are made.

Anyone can register online and take a free tour. It includes an ascent to the famous glass dome with an audio guide that tells interesting facts about the sights of the city.

Museum Island
When thinking what to see in Berlin in winter, be sure to go to Museum Island. There are 5 museums here, and a whole day is not enough to inspect all of them. The Old Museum presents antique artifacts, in the New – valuable objects of ancient Egyptian art. The National Gallery will appeal to connoisseurs of impressionism. The Bode Museum exhibits paintings and sculptures from the early Middle Ages. The Pergamon Museum enjoys great popularity among tourists, whose expositions are devoted to Islamic art and the culture of Western Asia.

Museum of retro cars Classic Remise
In the building of the former tram depot today there is a museum of rare cars combined with a workshop. It presents a huge number of autocars, both old ones that you can’t already find on the streets, and experimental models with interesting tuning. The entrance is free.

Berlin is located on a fairly flat area, so there are practically no observation platforms from where you could look at the city. But there is one place that is even more interesting than the glass dome of the Reichstag. And this is the Berlin TV tower, towering over the capital. At an altitude of 203 meters, the Bar 203 establishment operates, where you can have a bite to eat while admiring the views.

Gendarmenmarkt Square
Gendarmenmarkt Square is the most beautiful in Berlin. Here are the German and French cathedrals, as well as the Concert Hall. These masterpieces of architecture were built back in the eighteenth century, and then reconstructed after the Second World War. Today, buildings impress with their grandeur.

Khaki courtyards
What you can see in Berlin from unusual “sights” are the Khaki courtyards – multi-storey buildings in the central district of the city, united by courtyards and passages into a single complex. Once there was a “mini-city”, with factories, cultural institutions, residential premises. Today it is a fashionable party place where art galleries, bars, antique shops work.

Restaurant Zur Haxe
And although the restaurant can hardly be called a tourist attraction, Zur Haxe is a worthy exception. The restaurant is decorated in a traditional style. Visitors can try authentic dishes – pork schnitzel, sausages, sauerkraut and “the same” German beer.

If you have already explored the city and are considering what to see in the vicinity of Berlin, you should go to Potsdam. This is a neighboring city, half an hour from the capital. Be sure to visit the Susi Palace, the Dutch Quarter, the Glinke Bridge and just walk along the colorful streets. Potsdam differs from the German metropolis in architecture and general atmosphere, so it is definitely worth adding to the list of what to see next to Berlin.

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