10 most beautiful castles in France
There are hundreds of castles in France, many of which were built in the ancient Middle Ages. But which ones are the best? Turprom has compiled for you a special…

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10 most beautiful castles in France

There are hundreds of castles in France, many of which were built in the ancient Middle Ages. But which ones are the best? Turprom has compiled for you a special selection of castles in France to inspire you to new interesting trips! Let’s look at a list of ten medieval castles in France that have retained their original appearance as much as possible.

10th place: Chateau de Foix
France, the very south: Foix can be found in the eponymous capital of the Ariege department in southern France. The beginning of the history of this building dates back to 987, but it acquired its final form much later, because constantly improved. The castle belonged to Roger of Carcassonne and his descendants, and from 1034 was transferred to the county of Foix. Between 1211 and 1212, the castle was besieged by the crusaders, but was not destroyed.

Castles of France: Chateau de Foix

9th place: Chateau de Tarascon
The next of the top ten French castles is located in Tarascon. It was built in 1400 by the Sicilian King Louis II. Interestingly, from the 16th century to the 1920s of the 20th century, the castle was used as a prison.

Castles of France: Chateau de Tarascon

8th place: Chateau de Vincennes
Vincennes Castle was originally a royal castle. It is located on the southeastern edge of Paris. The beginning of construction dates back to the 12th century. It was built by Louis VII in the Vincennes forest as a hunting lodge, which was rebuilt into a royal castle in the 13th century. Over the next centuries, several construction works were completed.

Castles of France: Chateau de Vincennes

7th place: Mont Saint-Michel
Undoubtedly, this is one of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit in all of France. This is a small island on the Normandy coast, offering a truly spectacular sight. Unlike other castles, the local building did not serve as the residence of the ruler, but was always a center of education and recreation. This is reflected in the local atmosphere.

Castles of France: Mont Saint-Michel

6th place: Chateau d’Uss
Traveling around France, castle fans should not miss the Chateau d’Uss (or in another transcription – Usset Castle), which is also known as the “Sleeping Beauty Castle”. It is said that the author of the famous story, Charles Perrault, was inspired by this structure when he wrote his world famous work. In addition to the attractive interior, visitors can admire the beautiful outdoor garden.

Castles of France: Chateau d’Uss or Chateau Usset

5th place: Chateau d’Amboise
The castle, which also served as the residence of the kings of the Valois dynasty, is located in Amboise. This is one of a number of important historical buildings by the Loire River. Initially, it was a medieval castle, which was gradually rebuilt in its current form. The first major modernization was carried out by King Charles VII. It is worth noting that one of the greatest great people of his time, Leonardo da Vinci, is buried in the local chapel.

Castles of France: Chateau d’Amboise

4th place: Chateau de Chantilly
This castle is located on the northeastern edge of Paris in the 11,000-year-old town of Chantilly. The first part of the mansion was completed in 1560. Later, during the French Revolution, most of the area was destroyed; the damage was completely repaired in 1882. Today, castle gardens regularly hold the Nuy de Feu fireworks contest, which is a popular tourist activity.

Castles of France: Chateau de Chantilly

3rd place: Chateau de Chenonceau
One of the most famous French castles is located at the confluence of Cher and the Loire, about 240 km from Paris. This is the second most visited castle in France after Versailles. It is also sometimes called the “castle of six women” because it gradually belonged to six women.

Castles of France: Chateau de Chenonceau

2nd place: Chateau de Chambord
Of all the castles near the Loire, this is the largest castle. It was built by Frantisek I, served as a hunting lodge. The building was built between 1519 and 1547. This Renaissance castle offers a truly unique experience; visitors can admire 440 rooms and walk along 80 stairs.

Castles of France: Chateau de Chambord

1st place: Versailles
The most famous castle in France is located 20 km southwest of Paris. For most of the 17th century, Versailles was a small village, but everything changed with the construction of this magnificent building. From 1682 until the French Revolution, the residence of the government and the royal court was located here.

Castles of France: Versailles

When you plan your vacation in France, you are likely to visit some of the local historical sites. For example, castles, of which there are many in this country. Of course, the castle in Versailles is the most famous and visited, but others also offer a unique experience.

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