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5 best cities to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Love songs sound in my head, emotions overwhelm my soul, and my heart breaks from my chest at the mere mention of the object of adoration? Not far off Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to confess your feelings to your loved one. Shelves of shops are bursting with chocolate hearts, plush animals, greeting cards, but there is a more original way to express tender feelings to your soul mate. If you associate a huge bouquet of red roses or a candlelit dinner in a fashionable restaurant with something banal and mundane, we recommend thinking about a trip during which you can unforgettably celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Turprom has compiled for you a special selection of the best cities for celebrating Valentine’s Day, to inspire you to new interesting trips!

So, the best places to travel together:

Lisbon is a vibrant city representative for dreamers. Among all the attractions of the Portuguese capital stands Torri di Belen Tower. Rugged like a rock, a stone structure stands proudly on the north bank of the Tagus River at the very entrance to the city. Surrounded by water, the fort offers exceptional views of the river, the city, the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean.

Lisbon on Valentine’s Day

Paris will securely bond love. Not a single list of the most romantic places on earth can do without the French capital. Love is everywhere. Dress warmly and go up to the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, walk along the narrow streets hand in hand, and finally go to the bridge of lovers, where many couples have already sworn eternal feelings, attaching a love lock to the railing of the bridge. Plan a trekking trip in the dark in order to admire the Notre Dame Cathedral, lit by the soft lights of lanterns, from the banks of the Seine.

5 best cities to celebrate Valentine’s Day: Paris

London is the capital of Foggy Albion. The destination will appeal to fans of unusual combinations. The heart of the United Kingdom appears at a glance from the cockpit of the London Eye. Are you afraid of heights? Alternatively, you can attend a performance at the famous West End Theater or spend time in a cozy local pub.

Valentine’s day in london

Sintra is a natural mastermind. On the lush hills and valleys of Sintra, Portuguese monarchs and aristocrats once erected summer residences, until the late Middle Ages symbolizing royal power and wealth. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, English travelers, poets, and writers, led by Lord Byron, were inspired by the local beauty. The pearl of Portugal is often called the capital of romanticism.

5 best cities to celebrate Valentine’s Day: Sintra

Venice: the tale is just beginning. Real pictures with marvelous palaces, churches, streets and canals, creating the feeling that water is everywhere, look much more bewitching than on tourist booklets. The architecture of the city reflects the centuries-old history of Venice as a rich shopping center, connecting west and east. Lost in narrow alleys, you will end up in St. Mark’s Square, where locals and tourists gather for a cup of tea or an aperitif.

Venice for Valentine’s and Valentine’s Day
Old Europe is full of romantic places that are literally created for a honeymoon or a weekend of lovers. Mysterious medieval castles, cozy establishments with an intimate atmosphere, secluded beaches, which even in winter attract tourists with a bewitching atmosphere and picturesque landscapes, will be a wonderful gift or even an opportunity to make an offer to the lady of the heart.

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5 best cities to celebrate Valentine's Day
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