Vietnam Travel Information
As the hero of one film about Vietnam said: “You will understand much in Vietnam in five minutes, but there’s not enough life for the rest” Welcome to the world…

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What to see in Berlin?
Berlin is an urban metropolis where historical sights coexist with modern architecture. Here, typical Germanism of pedantry is surprisingly combined with an atmosphere of lightness and ease, which is why…

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Traveling with children: 8 proven tips
Traveling with children is a little scary - it doesn't matter if you are traveling for the first time or for the tenth. Every time there is excitement and fear…

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Review of the best world aviation low-cost airlines

Today there are many opportunities to travel inexpensively and comfortably. In addition to the couchsurfing service for free accommodation abroad, low-cost airlines have recently become very popular. These are low cost airlines with affordable flight prices. The low cost of tickets is explained by the fact that it does not include: the ability to choose a place on the plane, meals on board, baggage weighing more than 7 kg. At the same time, travelers have the opportunity to purchase the necessary service for a fee.

We offer a list of the best low-cost airlines flying from Ukraine.

The Irish airline Ryanair was one of the first in Europe to set favorable fares. She began to fly from Ukraine only in 2018 and now residents of Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov and Kherson have the opportunity to travel cheaply to one of 13 European countries. From the beginning of 2019, you can also purchase low-cost tickets to Austria and Germany from LaudaMotion, a subsidiary of Ryanair.

Ticket price: Ryanair is known for its promotions – you can buy a ticket to some countries for 10 EUR one way. When searching for low-cost airlines, pay attention to the airport at which the plane lands. Indeed, sometimes a transfer to the city center can cost even more than air travel.

Wizz air
Hungarian air carrier flying from Kiev, Zaporozhye, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkov to popular European destinations. Like Ryanair, Wizz Air often organizes sales. The best price offers apply to members of the Wizz Club.

Ticket price: entrance fee to the club – 30 EUR. If you have a Wizz Discount Club, a one-way flight will cost from 10 EUR.

The Spanish company Vueling carries more than 24 million passengers every year. In Ukraine, it flies from the capital’s airports to Barcelona. The carrier is also known for its connecting flights, thanks to which you can travel inexpensively around Europe. Domestic flights of Vueling and its partner company Iberia within the Schengen area are even cheaper than from Ukraine.

Ticket price: a ticket Kiev-Barcelona will cost 99 EUR. For comparison, you can fly from Krakow to Barcelona for 49 EUR.

Ukraine’s International Airlines is not officially considered a low-cost airline. But after Ryanair and Wizzair gained popularity in the Ukrainian market, the company revised its tariffs and reduced prices in some areas. It is most advantageous to buy tickets if you plan your trip in advance, while many European airline low-cost airlines often arrange sales for the next departure dates.

Ticket price: one way flight will cost from 30 EUR.

Another Ukrainian airline that previously operated flights only for the customers of the tour operator Join Up. Today, using the services of this carrier, you can get from Kiev, Zaporozhye and Lviv to the United Arab Emirates, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Georgia and other popular countries among tourists. Domestic flights are very popular. SkyUp is known for its customer loyalty. While other low-cost airlines are setting stringent baggage allowance, this company meets the needs of tourists. Therefore, although it cannot be called a low-cost airline, travelers appreciate the ability to fly inexpensively and comfortably.

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