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3 main sights of Vladimir

Vladimir is one of the most ancient cities of the Russian Federation. The city is located on the Klyazma River. For the first time it is mentioned in chronicles dating from the X-XII century. Active development of the city began in the middle of the XII century.

The tourism sector in Vladimir is well developed. Here tourists can choose from various trips around the city and the surrounding area. Those who wish can visit the museums – there are about 20 of them in the city. About twenty hotels, plus several dozens of mini-hotels, work. So the traveler will be able to find both cheap and relative luxury hotels. Most of the hotels are located in the center, so getting to the sights will be easy. For tourists in Vladimir there are cafes and restaurants with different prices. They are scattered throughout the city, and you don’t have to roam for a long time in search of food. But most of the cafes and restaurants are concentrated on Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street – the central promenade, next to which are the main attractions of Vladimir.

The most famous sights of Vladimir are Golden Gate, Assumption and Dmitrievsky Cathedrals. Crowds of tourists come here for them.

Golden Gate
During the time of Andrei Bogolyubsky, Vladimir was surrounded by huge earthen elevations. There were seven gates to enter the city. Unfortunately, only one survived to this day – the Golden Gate. They were built in 1164. Due to constant fires and raids, they were reconstructed. Huge gate leaves were decorated with copper sheets, and they were covered with gilding. Hence their name went. After the attack of Batu Khan, they were lost. Could not find them. Historians believe that in all of medieval Europe there were no analogues. Sometimes they served as the Arc de Triomphe. Squads passed through it and went on military campaigns. They came back through them. Soon the gates began to serve religion. A church was built above them.

Vladimir – Golden Gate

Assumption Cathedral
Assumption Cathedral is considered the oldest temple. It is an essential part of urban history. Its majestic beauty is difficult to describe. For the construction of the White Stone Church in the middle of the XII century, craftsmen from all over the world were convened. Initially, it was thought to use it as the main cathedral of the state. She became a type and example for the construction of other buildings. Its architecture was used in all cities of Russia. In the XV century, the famous Andrei Rublev and Daniil Cherny painted the walls of the Assumption Cathedral. Some parts of the frescoes have survived to the present day. They are considered an important highlight of the temple. The cathedral is now working. When services do not take place here, excursions are allowed into the temple. Near the cathedral is an observation deck. From it it is very convenient to inspect the architecture of the city.

Vladimir – Assumption Cathedral

Dmitrievsky Cathedral
This cathedral is small. But this does not reduce the interest in its history from tourists. This is a monument of pre-Mongol time. It was built in the 12th – 13th centuries. At that time, it was the court church of the princely court. Part of its architecture was destroyed, so its current appearance is different from the original. The front of Dmitrievsky Cathedral is decorated with carvings. And on the reliefs, fantastic creatures and saints are represented. The overall picture is very unusual. Some images were saved, while others were restored. Inside the cathedral, there is still a painting of The Last Judgment. The temple does not work, but there is a museum on its territory.

Vladimir – Dmitrievsky Cathedral
Another option worth visiting is the Patriarchal Garden (also known as the Bishop’s Gardens), a wonderful park located on terraces on the high bank of the Klyazma River, with magnificent plants and views of the Assumption and Dmitrievsky Cathedrals.

More modern architectural monuments
In Vladimir there are many architectural buildings of the XIX and early XX centuries. They are located in the city center. The water tower, built at the beginning of the 20th century, is now a symbol of industrial architecture. Initially, it provided urban water supply.

One of the very first stone buildings is the home of the vice governor. Is there a church in the city? It is made in the Gothic style at the end of the XIX century. It symbolizes the tolerance of peoples.

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