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Card payment abroad: what you need to know?

Going on a trip abroad, we take with us a supply of money. And, of course, it’s better not to mess with cash, but to deposit funds into the account. But in other countries, the use of the card differs from Ukrainian conditions. Therefore, you need to know how and where you can pay for your purchases without a win.

According to the international company Mastercard, foreigners are more likely to pay with cards than in cash, since cashless payments are more popular in Europe. So, going abroad, it is more advisable to put money on your card. After all, you can save a lot.

payment by mastercard abroad

How to start using a card abroad
First of all, warn your bank. Any bank has a risk monitoring system. If atypical operations occur with your card, the bank will block it. Payment abroad by the bank may also be considered unusual and block the card.

If it is blocked abroad, you have to spend money on a call to the bank and wait a certain time. You may also be asked to come to the office for identification.

How to avoid blocking abroad? Go to the bank where your card is issued. A bank employee must enter information into the system about where you are going and for how many days. Independently check whether there is a limit on the withdrawal of money. Or check with a bank employee.

Just in case, take the phone number of the bank service. If the card is lost or stolen, then with one call you can quickly block it by giving the password word.

Which cards to take with you abroad:
International payment systems Visa and MasterCard.
With a chip that is considered safer for financial transactions.
A special traveler card, which is issued at the bank by order.
If you travel to the EU, then MasterCard is more popular there. But in the countries of America or Asia, Visa is more often used. But you can pay with both cards everywhere.

which card can be used abroad

A card with a chip on it is not only safe. It will be accepted by almost any payment system or ATM. But without a chip in some EU countries, a card may not be accepted even in a regular store.

If you have only one salary card, be sure to check with the bank whether it can be paid abroad. Many of them are valid only in Ukraine.

How to avoid currency conversion losses
Everything is very simple here. Open the card in the currency of the country where you are going. If you plan to visit several countries, it is better to open in dollars or euros. So, at least you will avoid double conversion.

You can lose a lot on the conversion itself, and the bank can take an additional commission in the amount of 1-2% of the amount. In order not to lose extra money, there are three options: a card in local currency, in dollars / euros, multicurrency. The latter can be issued at the bank under the order.

There are no differences between Visa and MasterCard payment systems for conversion. Conversion is determined not by the inscription on the card, but by the agreement between a particular bank and your payment system.

what is important to know when paying with a card abroad

Therefore, in order to know the amount after conversion, you need to look at the bank rates. For example, you use a bank card “X”. You need to see how much interest he charges for the service. For example, a commission of 1%.

Go to the Visa website or MasterCard website, enter the amount in foreign currency, the date of the transaction, the percentage of the bank’s commission and you will receive the amount that will be debited from you.

What else is worth taking note not to lose money:
Pay for purchases, but do not withdraw cash. Payment in most cases occurs without a commission. But an ATM or a servicing bank will withdraw their interest for withdrawing money.
Connect to Internet banking to see all operations on the card and control the account.
Put a little more money on the card for stock.
With you, you can transport up to 10 thousand euros without problems. If you plan to take more, be prepared for the fact that at customs you will be required to fill out a declaration.

How to save on card usage and get bonuses
This is probably the most enjoyable part of using the card. After all, you can not only write off money from it, but also receive pleasant bonuses and cashbacks.

First of all, check with your bank employee what conditions of using your card abroad. If there are no discounts on it, then consider designing a special travel card.

How to save on card usage and get bonuses

What will she give? Each bank has its own conditions, but there is a list of the most popular services that are provided to its owner.

Discounts on hotel reservations or car rental.
Cashbacks or discounts when paying for goods in affiliate networks.
An accumulative system of bonuses that can then be used to purchase a new ticket.
If you are an owner of premium cards, then other pleasant bonuses are available to you.

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