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What to see in New York

The “big apple,” as New York is called, impresses tourists with its dynamic pace of life. This bustling metropolis will seem familiar even if you have never been here. Indeed, in many parks and squares they shot famous Hollywood best-selling films. The city has more than a hundred recognizable sights, but what you should see in New York in the first place, we will tell further in the article.

The Statue of Liberty
“Business card” of the United States of America. The statue is often shown in the movies, and its miniature copies are sold in every gift shop. Among the architects working on the design of the monument was Gustav Eiffel himself, the creator of the famous French tower. The symbol of the United States is located on Liberty Island, near lower Manhattan. Climb to the observation deck, which leads to 354 steps. From here an amazing panorama of New York opens.

The Brooklyn Bridge
This is something that a tourist in New York should see. Brooklyn Bridge is no less famous than the Statue of Liberty, thanks to Hollywood films. The bridge consists of two rectangular pylons, made in the neo-Gothic style, and hanging tiers that hold the roadway. The design is divided into two levels: the lower one is for the movement of cars, and on the upper there are areas for pedestrians and cyclists.

Empire State Building
The skyscraper 448 m high is also known to many travelers due to the cinema – it was the giant gorilla who climbed in it in the painting “King Kong”. Walking nearby skyscrapers, be sure to take the time to visit its observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of New York. By the way, the review in the special circular zone on the 86th floor is much better than on the upper 102nd.

High line
To the question: “what to see interesting in New York,” feel free to answer – “High Line”. This is a park erected on the site of the old railway at an altitude of 10 m. In addition to unconventional accommodation, attracts high-line tourists and street art. On the walls of buildings there are many diverse graffiti, as well as exhibitions of contemporary art.

Metropolitan Museum
The largest museum in New York. In his collection, there are over 2 million masterpieces of world art. Visitors will be able to see the picture of Auguste Renoir, paintings by Rembrandt, Durer and Walker Evans, as well as visit the Costume Institute, which presents the best works of world clothing designers.

Central park
If you don’t know what to see in New York in winter, we recommend that you recall the most atmospheric Christmas film. It was in Central Park that Kevin walked in the second part of Home Alone. Here is the zoo, which we know about from the cartoon “Madagascar.” In addition, the park has many interesting sculptures, a theater, a museum and a castle.

Times Square
The famous square is located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue. This is a lively place, with giant screens working round the clock and illuminations of shop windows. Times Square is home to Madame Tussauds London, the Great White Way Theater Street, a huge toy store and the Sardis Restaurant, opened in 1927.

Museum of Memory 9/11
When choosing what you can see in New York, include on your route sheet the 9/11 Memorial Museum, built on the site of the World Trade Center towers. Here you will learn more about the history of the complex and the tragic facts of its destruction.

Few people wonder why the roller coaster is called American. In fact, the first such attraction appeared in 1884 in America, and more precisely, in Coney Island. Now in the famous amusement park equipped with a Ferris wheel, a large aquarium, extreme swing “Zenobio”, many children’s carousels and eateries.
St. Patrick’s Cathedral
A special place from what you must see in New York is St. Patrick’s Cathedral – the main Catholic shrine in the city. The attraction is built in neo-Gothic style. In addition to the unique exterior, the temple attracts with its interior decoration – marble columns, artwork and statues of saints.

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